Cannalope Haze Cannabis Oil 1 gram

$50.00 $45.00

Cannalope Haze Cannabis Oil

Price: $45

Minimum Order Quantity: 8 grams

Strain type: Sativa

Oil Extraction Method: Sub-critical CO2

Total THC: (THC THCa): 50.49%

Total CBD: (CBD CBDa): 0.94%

Total Cannabinoids: 57.91%



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Cannalope Haze Cannabis Oil

Cannalope Haze cannabis oil is a real cotton mouth strain, these buds taste like candy and sour melons, pine and Haze. Carrying totally about five percentage Indica in its genes, Cannalope Haze nevertheless produces a extra hybrid like effect. Like the title suggests, Cannalope Haze is a sweet mix of tropical, melon, and floral flavors. Almost a pure sativa that crosses Haze Brothers Original Haze and a Mexican landrace, this stress is anotable answer for fatigue and when struggling with appetite loss. The smoothstyle and hefty resin manufacturing make it extraordinary for producing concentrates.


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